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Re: TIOC's Possible Transfers to City There will be interest in them - it will be the age old issue of fee and wages that could be the stumbling blocks.

I thought I read that 3 Italian clubs interested in buying  Nasri? when he's been on song he's been good for us. He hasn't  hit the heights or had the impact he had at Arsenal, but has overall been good for us.

We will also sell Bony as he is a decent player - it's just that it hasn't happened for him at Swansea. Arsenal supposedly looking at him, and I wouldn't be surprised if he went back to Swansea.

Mangala I wouldn't want to sell as I think there is more to him than we've seen so far.

August 10, 2016, 05:56:32 PM
Re: Individual Expectations for Manchester City this season
Premier league top 2

Europa League final

FA Cup 6th round

League Cup semi

Ahahahahahahaha Europa, please explain that one? ;D

Lose to Steua, drop into Europa, have some good old Thursday night Euro games, and a nice European final that is more than 3 miles away from my house  ;)

August 12, 2016, 01:58:17 PM
Re: Hart I cannot accept all this talk of Hart being past it etc. etc.

He is a far better goalkeeper than Willy and I cannot think of many who are better than Joe - for my money that also includes Neuer who was prone to more than a couple of bad errors of judgement last season.

From watching on Saturday then I could see why Willy was picked ahead of Joe due to the amount of back-passes and general fannying about, but if I am picking a goalkeeper then it is on his ability on being a goalkeeper, not a pseudo outfield player.

Hart has of course got errors that need attention and improvement, but isn't that what Pep and his staff are there for? Going out and spunking £20-£30m on a new goalkeeper (who is unlikely to be better than Hart) is not a priority at the moment.

August 15, 2016, 12:40:31 PM
Re: Steaua Bucharest V City Tues 7.45 PM Kick Off By signing Sane and Gundogan whilst both are still injured, I'm just surprised that we haven't put in a late bid for Darren Anderton
August 16, 2016, 12:55:50 PM
Re: Raheem Reborn
Certainly looks that way but he did at this stage last season. If he stays fit I reckon he'll be flying soon.

He was also one of Englands better performers in the summer, not as anyone dare mention it though.

Fair play to the lad and hope he keeps this up - a  lot of increasingly bitter and twisted, 'egg on the face' comments can be expected from the scousers before long, and one or two no nowt so-called 'pundits' will be left eating humble pie.... ;D

August 17, 2016, 02:22:05 PM
Re: Stoke V Man City Sat 20th August 12.30 PM Live on Sky
Didn't manage o watch the game so don't know whether it flattered or not. It probably did as i herd there were few chances in the second half and then Nolito bangs in a couple of late goals. Still i'm happy . No one predicted the scoreline , Cardiff Blue being unusually negative in his prediction. I think the win was comfortable so my 'comfortable win' prediction was the most accurate LOL. Good to see Nolito banging them in along with Aguero. Some positive signs being shown and we have'n't got half our new signings on the pitch. Still fancy that we will buy Bonucci this transfer window , as Pep is ruthless enough not to gamble on Kompany

My predictions affected by weather forecast Trouters - wind not as strong as predicted, hence the unexpected win ;)

August 20, 2016, 08:12:02 PM
Re: Sergio's goals
2 nearer  to  Franny
can see  him being  rested on Wednesday for Nacho  to  start

Brook 178
Johnson  166
Bell  153
Meredith  152
Hayes  152
Lee  148
Aguero  142

Or Guardiola may even surprise us and give a few the young lads a run, doubt Aguero will have trouble recovering however and is too important to leave out in the CL.
IfPepdoesn't play the kids in the return leg dead rubber, i will judge him to be a coward , guilty of cowardice and a shyster that is betraying our youth

What time you teeing off?  ;)

August 20, 2016, 08:17:40 PM
Re: Stones opens up about Guardiola's impact on his game He has done well so far but been massively tested apart from Sunderlands goal last week (although not sure it was his fault to be honest).

Bigger challenges lie ahead, and he will make errors, but I just hope they don't phase him and he carries on learning and developing.

August 22, 2016, 06:24:42 PM
Re: Here we go again He might be approaching John Terry to get Wayne Bridge's wife's telephone number...
August 23, 2016, 08:37:09 AM
Re: New Striker I agree in that I don't think Bony is Guardiola type of player as there isn't enough movement or intricacy in his play in his game, but I don't think he's been the biggest flop in English football - he's got a long way to go before he overtakes the likes of great Fergy signings including;
 Veron, Bebe, Kleberson, Eric Djemba Djemba, Wifried Zaha, Massimo Taibi, Zoran Tosic, Anderson,

That being said I still don't think we've seen the best of Bony and so maybe Pep can work his magic on him...

August 26, 2016, 08:46:01 PM
Re: Sergio - FA STATEMENT: 30 AUGUST But let's not panic if he is banned - we've got the players with a capability of scoring from all over the park, not just via Aguero.
August 31, 2016, 08:21:31 PM
Re: Jason Denayer I think this a great move for him and us - we can now hopefully see how good he actually is in a real league
September 01, 2016, 11:32:14 AM
Re: City v Scum Match Prediction My prediction?

Mourinho to whip up the media to put pressure on match officials before the game,
Rooney to pressurise the ref during the game,
Bogbrush to elbow everybody in sight and get away with it,
Ibrahimovic to push over City's defenders which won't be seen by match officials,
Silva, KDB and Sterling to get kicked all through the match,

Etc. Etc.

September 04, 2016, 10:18:19 PM
Re: Yaya...again!
Millions of Manchester City supporters set to become United supporters because of Yaya Toure  ::)
 :o :o :o :o :o :o Hold on a second there, millions? MILLIONS?  ???

We better keep Yaya Toure guys, otherwise we are going to lose MILLIONS of Manchester City fans  ;D

It's like the Remain propaganda part two.

Fecking stupid £%$^%s

No wonder we can't get tickets for away games - our allocation is always swallowed up by the Africans.. :)

September 06, 2016, 12:42:55 PM
Re: City v Scum Match Prediction Even the mini-Munichs lost at home today as well today LOL 😁
September 10, 2016, 07:17:31 PM
Re: City v Scum Match Prediction
Lets laugh at the scum -

Doug Retweeted

 Shahid ‏@shahid1066  May 21

News outlets are breaking the news that #Mourinho is coming to the Manchester United!
In other news guardiola has just shit himself!

In other new Guardiola has just pissed himself  ;)

September 10, 2016, 09:15:49 PM
Re: Leicester I think Arsenal dodged a bullet by Vardy not signing for them, and Vardy probably thinking he's just dropped an almighty bollock
September 10, 2016, 09:17:55 PM
Re: Derby Fallout: They talked a lot, said they'd beat us without Aguero Nice read.

Glad to see that City's performance managed to expose the dull, uneducated bell-ends who call themselves pundits. I can only presume Savage, Lawrenson, et al have been shouting from the rooftops today saying that they called it wrong and have admitted City out-played united??

As for the united dicks who were dancing for joy when Aguero go banned - I think I said beforehand that his absence will make life far more difficult for united as they would not know what our system or style of play will be, and so it proved.

But let them wallow and carry out their soul searching - the best thing is though they keep banging on about a penalty that wasn't given - in their own eyes at least they feel hard done by and cannot see that they were out-played, out-fought, and out-thought mwaahh, mwaah :'(


September 12, 2016, 01:54:49 PM
Re: City v Borussia Monchengladbach
It was a pain for travelling fans last night but before this has a game ever been called off at the Etihad Stadium due to the weather?

Sunderland a couple of years back - too windy

September 14, 2016, 12:22:06 PM
Re: Rags on Comedy Channel Thursday nights To be fair they said they were not taking the Europa League seriously and so didn't play any of the big name signings, or big game players.....oh, wait a minute, what was that line up again???  ;D ;D
September 15, 2016, 08:07:52 PM
Re: Awful. Awful kit.

Good loyalist colours to display at Celtic Park next week though... :)

September 20, 2016, 04:58:36 PM
Re: Vincent Kompany My mate had a quick chat with VK at the Celtic Manor today - bit of a twinge and nothing serious - back in a couple of weeks according to the big man.
September 23, 2016, 06:50:36 PM
Re: Which City goal had you cheering the most this weekend? None of them as I was sat in the Swansea end.... ;)
September 26, 2016, 07:09:01 PM
Re: OFFICIAL CITY WEBSITE I meant the official MCFC website, not this one
September 28, 2016, 10:42:10 AM
Re: Greed in Football
Tommy Wright now Barnsley's coach has been suspended after The Telegraph filmed him allegedly  taking money for transfers
This isn't the goalie who played for City

I did wonder as I saw the picture of him and thought he'd lost weight!

September 29, 2016, 01:15:08 PM
Re: Derby at the swamp Don't you get more points these days for logging onto the MCFC on-line running match commentaries than actually attending the game itself? Or enter a few competitions? 'Like' MCFC on Facebook? Watch a poxy video on the MCFC web pages?

Plus pay an extra £50 at the start of the year for platinum double points  :o

Or if having a billion points is still not enough, you could always go on one of the 'City in the City' jaunts - a few canapťs and a trip down the Thames guarantees you a ticket for Chelsea away...

I think the points/loyalty system has all all gone to cock to be honest.

September 29, 2016, 10:21:35 PM
Re: England Manager.
Think you'll be waiting a long time for Barker to be playing for England (sadly).

'like' Barker and Adarabioyo, emphasis on the like  ;D

Got you. But I do think a number of our current crop of youngsters will be playing for England in the next few years - whether they will be doing so whilst still wearing a City shirt remains to be seen

And whilst I'm not particularly knocking Rooney, he can't even get into a shit United team but remains England captain - it just goes to show where England are at the moment.

October 01, 2016, 02:19:21 PM
Re: October a toughy
You don't see Pogba (93M) I bet

When they played City, I didn't see Pogba at all ;)

October 04, 2016, 07:02:53 PM
CHED EVANS Have young noticed that whenever you read an article regarding young Chedwyn Evans and his mate Clayton MacDonald in the current rape trial, that it always mentions that both used to play for City, and much less likely to mention Norwich, or Sheffield United (the club he was at at the time), and rarely Chestefield, his current club.

Is this back door mud slinging at City, or am I being paranoid ?

October 11, 2016, 06:44:37 PM
Re: CHED EVANS IF young Chedwyn is found not guilty then there are a lot of people both in the media and the football world in general who will need to be offering grovelling apologies.

A big issue for North Wales Police could be the size of the compensation claim against them, particularly if it is found that the police have not acted correctly in their collation of evidence - A young international footballer in the prime of his career, wrongly charged and wrongly imprisoned...that could run into millions.

Will be an interesting outcome, regardless of the final judgement.

October 12, 2016, 07:05:56 PM
Re: FFS Cant stand NYE myself and haven't been out on NYE in years.

Only time i went out recently was to our next door neighbours who were having a house party, and it was night before we played the swans on NYD - got in at 4am and was in Wetherspoons in Port Talbot by 9 am ready for the match...

October 14, 2016, 10:30:00 PM
Re: City v Everton

came here to read about the match a bit...   

Lets try to get this back on track...

we absolutely dominated the game..  start to finish..  the interplay was nice and very enjoyable to watch..
Everton were very organized, you have to give them credit. 
We were at a loss for ideas once we got within 18 yards of the goal..
we missed two pens FFS... really should have been 3-1.. missing pens is the worst feeling because you what a boost it is for the other team..

end of the day, we dropped 2 points..  It's ok blues..  if you were hoping for a 114 point season.. the problem is not the team, the problem is your expectations are WAY too high.. 

bring it down a notch boys..  only good things happening for us at the moment.. lets enjoy it..

I've had enough of Pep already - this season is turning into a disaster. We might be top of the league (just) but we should be pissing it.  In fact I would have thought that we should have won it by now, allowing us to concentrate on the CL, League Cup and FA Cup.

For the amount of money we've spent we should be dominating EVERY game we play, should have 99% possession, and should be winning each game by at least 5-0.

Only drawing at home to piss poor Everton, missing 2 penalties, and letting them score is just unacceptable. If Saturday is anything to go by then Pep has got to go, and go now!

I'm sorry City but what you are serving up so far is very poor fayre indeed, and if things don't change soon then I'm going to look for another team to support - I want to support winners, not losers or nearly men
 ;) ;)

October 17, 2016, 03:08:32 PM
Re: Man City can achieve 'great things' in England & Europe - Khaldoon Al Mubarak.
The boss is happy that'll do for me. ;)

Manchester City are embarking on a "critical new phase" after posting record turnover for 2015-16, said chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak.

City's revenue in the year to 31 May 2016 was £391.8m, an increase of 11.4%.

They made a £20.5m profit, with their wage-to-revenue ratio falling to 50%.

Khaldoon said: "We have the playing, coaching and off-field capabilities at our disposal to achieve great things in English and European football in the years ahead."

City's matchday revenue in the period rose by 21% to £52.5m, broadcasting revenue was up 19% to £161.4m, and commercial revenue grew 3% to £177.9m. The club remains debt free.

Since the financial year ended, City have spent £140m on new players, including paying Everton £47.5m for England defender John Stones.

Last season they finished fourth in the Premier League, their worst performance since 2010, but won the League Cup, and reached the Champions League semi-finals for the first time.

They have since appointed former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola as manager, replacing Manuel Pellegrini.

Sheikh Mansour bought the club from former Thaksin Shinawatra in September 2008, and the club's turnover has risen for eight successive years.

Five years ago, the club posted losses of £194.9m in the rush to compete for major trophies.

The latest figures come from a period which included expansion of Etihad Stadium, which raised the capacity by 8,000 to 54,041 and a £265m investment in the club's parent company, City Football Group, by China Media Capital Holdings, which valued the group at $3bn.

"The 2016-17 season represents the beginning of a critical new phase in the evolution of Manchester City," said Khaldoon.

"Manchester City has now reached a level of sporting and commercial maturity that allows one to feed the other."

City are top of the Premier League but have taken only one point from their past two games.

BBC Sport.

Saw that earlier Chippy but typical BBC - despite our obvious off field business success they couldn't help having a dig at the end.

I would also love somebody to dig out all the quotes and snide remarks from when the take-over first occurred - comments along the lines of the arabs are wasting their money, time, and effort,  City will never be profitable, City will never achieve anything, they will never overtake united, etc. etc. :)

October 18, 2016, 04:30:42 PM
Re: Doubts Creeping in
...and Pep has only had 1 official transfer window to get the players he really wants.
Yeah right , players were bought for him while he was at Bayern i reckon

I did say he's had one 'official' transfer window...

October 21, 2016, 08:19:17 PM
Re: Booing Some blues need to either give their heads a wobble or just fuck off.

I've NEVER booed the team although can think of a few occasions when I've been utterly pissed off and let down by a very poor performance. Generally and thankfully those days are few and far between these days.

Today was not one of those days.

October 24, 2016, 12:04:41 AM
Re: City wont get a point against Barca Probably gone into hiding - £10 is half a weeks wages up there  ;) 
November 02, 2016, 03:42:35 PM
Re: So It's Donald Then! First Brexit, and now Big Don.

Many analysists will have many 'reasons' as to how and why the electrorate in each case voted. And of course there are many interesting varied reasons why people vote the way they do.

But what is refreshing to see that in both cases the voters were not being taken in by popular media opinion, not being taken in by pop and film stars opinions, not being taken in by big budget political campaigns, and certainly not being brainwashed by the political establishment.

True democracy in action. :)

November 09, 2016, 06:27:17 PM
Re: Manchester City: Pep Guardiola's sex rules for a good night's sleep.
I find a good old wank does just as fine a job for good night's sleep  ;)
Ha ha, no need for a missus is there Cardiff😁.

...apart from somebody's got to clean the house Derby ;)

November 16, 2016, 08:46:13 PM

Manchester City fans made up the largest number of arrests with 66 of the Premier League's 707. Of those, 26 were for public disorder and 15 for violent disorder.

November 24, 2016, 07:00:19 PM
Re: White nets at the Etihad
All boots should be the same colour, BLACK.
With 3 white stripes

Used to wank over these as a kid

Wanking over pictures of them was about as close as I got to having a pair....

November 29, 2016, 04:58:53 PM
Re: Bournemouth 4 Liverpool 3 Reminded me of their Palace calamity of a couple of years back. ;D

Still, it's their year, it's their year  :)

December 04, 2016, 08:54:00 PM
Re: FA CUP - SECOND ROUND Went with an old mate of mine to Barrow once to watch his team Nuneaton Borough, in the FA Cup - must have been 15 - 20 years ago. Remember being cold and wet at the match but we soon warmed up with a few pints in the Barrow FC social club afterwards followed by a night in Blackpool.
December 04, 2016, 08:58:54 PM
Re: CELTIC MATCH Tues 6th December 7.45 PM There weren't any sat near me but there was a strange smell wafting over so some of them must have been in the vicinity...
December 08, 2016, 11:07:21 AM
Re: Leicester v City
Sorry Chippy , but i think the wheels will fall off our bus on Saturday. Don't have a good feeling unfortunately. Leicester will be fired up now they have the CL out of the way and Tinkerman has berated his team publicly.
Our defence will be a makeshift affair and Leicester will rip us a new one. Sterling won't make a difference even if he is fit

Mystic Trout

December 10, 2016, 07:37:05 PM
Re: One for Chippy £75 not the end of the world, particularly if they are for beers you cannot really find in the local supermarkets.

If only somebody would bring out an advent calendar that contains a bottle of beer each day as well as a different curry and rice, then they'd be onto a winner :)

December 11, 2016, 02:50:41 PM
Re: Pep.
We are now in a battle for top four only.

Only, FFS it was not that long ago if you had said to a group of city fans that in a few years we would be playing in the CL and fighting for the title several season on the trot you would have been laughed at.

Its Peps first season in charge with a team most fans would say still has its fair share of deadwood in it, i didn't "expect" Pep to win us the title this season and he probably wont but given time and money to bring players in i believe he will do the business for us, i imagine he has realised this is not going to be as easy as he thought and at the moment its a bit of a mess we just have to back him (as most of us did with Pellers) and hope he can turn it around.
This deadwood that Pep still plays though. The likes of Kolarov, Fernando, Navas shouldn't be anywhere near the first eleven but he still makes room for them even though we know they're complete gash. As I've said before, Pep is not exempt from criticism and at this moment in time I'm not sure he has any sort of plan for this side, and it's a big concern.

To be fair in his heart of hearts Pep knew that he couldn't make huge/wholesale changes this season and has given certain players a chance to prove themselves until at least January.

He knows who is selling us short on the pitch, I'm sure of that.

December 11, 2016, 07:59:14 PM
Re: City v Arsenal poll and match chat. Technically speaking Sane was offside for our first goal as his left thumb was just about in front of their left back's little right toe, but nobody surely (apart from Wenger of course) could complain about that goal being given. Likewise if it was given against us I couldn't complain too much (or at all)

Wenger is of course trying to deflect criticism away from his own team's inept second half display - funny how he didn't complain about the ref when Arsenal won 1-0 in injury time v Burnley due to an off-side hand-ball - now that was a shocking decision which Arsenal benefitted from.

But credit to our lads yesterday - they dug in and fully deserved the win, and gives us much needed confidence.

But if only KDB hadn't hit the cross bar v Chelsea - we would have won, they would have lost, and we would only be a point behind them...

December 19, 2016, 03:07:03 PM
Re: City in the United States I'm going to Canada for 10 days next July - hopefully this game will be played in New York - I could then leave the wife and kids for a couple of days and nip over the border.....
December 20, 2016, 01:43:44 PM
Re: Merry Christmas Alan Who's the 'silly old cunt' now, Alan?

Happy Christmas,



December 25, 2016, 01:24:00 PM
Re: Hull v City - 26th December - poll & match chat. Forget the efforts of Yaya et al - last nights result was all down to me lads - at 0-0 with 20 minutes to go, I put a bet on Hull to win - you're welcome ;)
December 27, 2016, 04:20:26 PM
Re: Where do you think we will finish this season? I initially thought 3rd with Liverpool finishing above us, but after watching them just now I think we are better and will finish above them, but sadly below Chelsea.
December 31, 2016, 07:31:51 PM

How are you feeling after just getting beaten 4-0?

January 03, 2017, 05:46:26 PM
Re: † West Ham ( FA Cup) Away Live on † † BBC1
West Ham getting back to their best, very unlucky against scum. 2-0 West Ham, as I've seen very little from us to say we can go on a winning run.

Just go with several kids and fuck the BBC off again.

Not a bad idea

January 04, 2017, 10:24:08 AM
Re: Tevez.
Tevez video shows what is wrong with our ply today, how many of his goals were from outside the box, no sideways, backwards passing to be seen.

Very direct at times in and around the box which terrifies defenders - a fine, fine player for us.

January 06, 2017, 07:21:46 PM
Re: Sergio's goals
Yesterday he was often looking for the ball too far outside the area. Then finding he had too much ground to get into the box

Which begs another question - why is there the need for him to be doing this if we are having so much possession in the midfield area? Surely if we are playing one man up front the onus is actually on KDM/Silva/Sterling/Toure to be more decisive in getting the ball to Aguero in the box?

Fact is even when we played with 2 up top with Iheanacho partnering Aguero, that didn't make any difference either...

January 16, 2017, 02:32:38 PM
Re: West Ham v Man City [POLL] In the hope of giving good luck to City I am going for a 1-0 win to West Ham
January 30, 2017, 12:44:26 PM
Re: Claudio Ranieri I blame Brexit, as Brexit is often given as an excuse these days for people losing their jobs....
February 25, 2017, 08:41:39 AM
Re: City v Huddersfield replay I'm sure Aguero would have saved it...
March 02, 2017, 04:50:30 PM
Re: Chelsea v City
Firstly, talk of chelsea being caught is fanciful even though mathematically possible. secondly, if anyone does catch them they will be wearing a Spurs strip. Thirdly, i dont see us getting any change out of Chelsea tonight. We ship goals for fun and will need to score at least 2, it just wont happen while Pep and this team continue to play from the back at all costs, forget any defence drills and disciplines and stick with the 'we'll score more than you policy' when its clear we cant do this against decent opposition. We will continue to disappoint until Pep changes half this team for players that can play his way naturally and better than the current crop. Apologies for the negative view. Jokingly expect to see Aguero, sane, de bruyne, silva, sterling , navas, nolito, toure and nacho in the starting line up. Next goal wins football manager approach.

Mystic Trout, although not quite right on Nolly, Nacho and Yaya  ;D

Still think we've been robbed twice by Chelsea this season. Hopefully we will get a chance to put it right against them on May 27th....

Big bonus was VK coming through the match - was going to say 'unscathed' but probably not unscathed after that dirty dego twat deliberately caught him in the second half. Thought some of VK's lunges were a little mis-timed towards the end, but in fairness he has been out for weeks/months and so weariness to be expected.

For me big shout out to Delph - thought he put it a good shift.

April 06, 2017, 01:06:05 PM
Re: City v Hull
A coasting performance , missed changes and another soft goal conceded by defensive errors and what can only be described as a soft shot. Bravo may be unsighted but it trickled past his left leg. Can argue all day but i'm afraid his run of luck continues and i think he'll be gone at the end of the season .
Aguero didn't celebrate his goal at all. At times he can be a moody bugger. Need too get the enthusiasm going for the FA Cuo

Pep is quite correct when he says that Bravo has good footballing skills.

Sadly, as a goalkeeper, its his handling and positioning skills, as well as his shot stopping capabilities which seem to be lacking, all of which are quite fundamental for a goalie...

April 10, 2017, 01:26:02 PM
Re: Watford v City Live on Sky Sports 2 As long as we pip the scousers to achieving success again I don't care.
May 19, 2017, 12:04:20 PM
Re: Season review Finishing 3rd is not the end of the world, but points-wise to end up so far behind Chelsea & Spurs and not even in the title shake up was a bit disappointing.

Destroying united away in the PL was a high, not so much the scoreline but the way we did it.

Biggest low for me was going out on away goals to Monaco when we had it in the bag.

Other big low was the 4-2 defeat at Leicester when we got absolutely battered.

Most frustrating game was Everton at home - 19 shots on goal, missed 2 penalties, and they drew 1-1 with their only shot of the game. For me (coupled with Boro and Chelsea at home) it showed not so much our defensive frailties (which were there of course) but our inability to be clinical and finish teams off.

Players that I would not be too disappointed to leave are:

Clichy (gone already?)

Kolorov (although Pep likes him)

Navas (although have his full back performances seen him win another contract?)

Iheanacho - just does not do it for me, never has. Still got a lot to learn and he could be a big player, but maybe in a few years time

Delph - I actually quite like him but if he went it would not be  major disappointment to the team as he has not had the chances to make an impact

Otamendi - for an international central defender who is almost 30 years old his positioning sense is atrocious, he gets done for pace, rashly dives into tackles like a 10 year old, and dives around the pitch and feigns injury like a wet fanny

Sagna - again I like him but time is catching up on him

Bravo - I would drive that clown to wherever he wants to go!

Fernando - bench warmer at best these days

Nolito - an expensive Paul Dickov

Would like to see Patrick Roberts be given a chance this season. Seems to have played well for Celtic (but then again so did Scott Sinclair!) but would be interesting to see whether he can hack in the PL in one of Pep's teams.

May 23, 2017, 11:27:44 AM
Re: Season review

Cardiff give him a bell he may takew you up on his lift to the airport  ;D

Sky Sports News HQ‏ @SkySportsNewsYQ  23h23 hours ago
 BREAKING: @ManCity announce @C1audioBravo will leave the club this summer. #SSNHQ

Keys are in the ignition... ;)

May 27, 2017, 01:12:02 PM
Re: Dick Van Dyke Liverpool being accused of illegally tapping up a player? Well, I never!

Of course the scousers never had any contact with Milner the snake before he left us to win more trophies playing in centre midfield... 

June 08, 2017, 01:26:17 PM
Re: Brighton away match thread - All teams, score and thoughts in here please Have fun, and watch your back(side) ;)
August 07, 2017, 06:18:26 PM
Re: Other teams. I will occasionally watch other teams on the tv. but like you Chippy I never watch utd unless its against us.

Tuesday night Euro Super Cup - Utd v Real Madrid - I watched Midsummer Murders - I knew that Scottish doctor (who is also in Benidorm and Emmerdale) was dodgy and must have been the murderer... :)

August 11, 2017, 04:21:50 PM
Re: City vs. Blue Dippers predictions and thoughts Just like last year - City to batter them 1-1
August 16, 2017, 06:04:17 PM
Re: Are referees 'cheating' on reds & yellows? ..and the ref gets away with it every time whilst the player/club suffers even when proved that one of the yellow cards was wrong.
September 08, 2017, 11:26:10 AM
Re: City v Shakhtar Donetsk
I listened to most of the game on  the radio and it sounded like Fabian Delph was having a good game i have always liked the guy and think he is underrated by a lot of city fans..

I agree Chips - I also think that due to injuries etc we haven't even seen the best of him yet.

September 29, 2017, 11:15:04 AM
Re: Manchester City v Stoke City - poll & match chat. Yes - 100% so far for City to win by 2 or more goals
October 10, 2017, 06:30:23 PM
Re: Maureen. I think Maureen acts in the same way that a bloke get dumped by his bird, and cannot get over the fact that she's now shagging somebody else.
October 23, 2017, 12:26:07 PM
Re: REAL ALE - RHYMNEY BREWERY I'll let you know how I get on  ;)
November 01, 2017, 04:44:06 PM
Re: Manchester City v Arsenal I'm looking at it as 3 more wins and hopefully we're safe from relegation...
November 03, 2017, 03:43:31 PM
Re: ENGLAND DROP OUTS Certainly not in a friendly anyway.

It grated with me in the Euros when Sterling got heavily criticised and was one of the fall guys for (another) dismal and embarrassing England tournament, yet  the golden boys of Kane, Vardy et al. got away from criticism scot-free (despite the fact that Sterling looked like the only one up front in an England shirt who was trying to make a difference).

Bearing in mind England players do not get paid (I think the players wages go into one of the FA's nominated charities), and that these playing fees are likely to be far less than the wages the players would otherwise receive at their clubs, then you have to question why any player would want to go through the rigmarole of playing for England in the first place. ie. no atmosphere, boring style of play, boundless criticism from fans and media alike.

Also not to mention these players having top managers at club level then having to take instructions from the FA's very own 'yes' man who is the football equivalent of a trainess school teacher.

November 07, 2017, 06:37:05 PM
Re: City v Southampton match thread It was Ferny fouling Forster.

Hadn't seen us make so many mis-placed passes last night & Southampton could have won that game particularly due to first half chances which they should have scored from.

Also thought we were too narrow - not sure having 2 up top really worked last night without Sane playing wide on wing & Sterling on the other - Sterling played a slightly more central role.

Likewise not sure Gundog added anything.

The past few weeks Otter has been slipping back into his ways and making too many simple mistakes.

I did like the look of Van Dyke - he attacked everyone of their corners and was a real aerial threat in our box -  would be great partner for Stones, but are both right sided centre halves?

Anyway a win is a win.


Old Blue

November 30, 2017, 03:15:11 PM
Re: Phil Fodden I watched the beginning, only because I knew Noel was opening the show and was delighted to see his City flag on stage.

Also good news for Phil Foden - terrific achievement.

However, apart from Noel at the start of the show I did not watch any more of it - I haven't done so in years as I find it a complete and utter pointless borefest.

December 18, 2017, 10:12:08 AM
Re: FA Cup 5th Round Wigan v City
Let's hope we stuff them . Doubt we will slip up here but I said that when we played them in the final.- the biggest let down I have had as a City fan , as I think the players wanted a loss to stick it to Mancini

I agree with you Trouters - arrogant and selfish City players at that time, thankfully all (nearly) gone. Losing wasn't the issue for me - it was the fact that the players had another agenda that day which didn't include us, the fans.

February 01, 2018, 07:15:34 PM
Re: Burnley v City KDB played well but maybe didnít boss and dictate the game to quite the same level as he has in other games. I would be surprised if he isnít feeling a little jaded after his efforts this season

But he does deserve to put his feet up for a week.

Thought Gundog did well today.

I just think we over elaborate in our play at times when some times putting your laces through the ball will go.

We didnít lose, gained a point, and look forward to Leicester.

February 03, 2018, 05:07:48 PM
Re: Stoke v City Not sure they had a shot on target all game
March 13, 2018, 06:00:32 PM